Want to get on?

To progress to refereeing at a higher level of game, you need to be graded at a higher level, and a higher grading may be achieved by:

Demonstrating your capability to referee well, gauged by the trained coaches and advisers who, from time to time, will be appointed to assess your refereeing competence and provide some development actions for you to improve your refereeing

Your progress will be helped by:

  • Attending Society training meetings regularly;
  • Being committed to match officiating and be flexible in the type of games at which you officiate, whether it be League, Cup, Friendly, BUSA, Junior or Women’s Games and games below your level;
  • Being prepared to travel to a variety of locations thus gaining experience of officiating at many clubs and/or schools;
  • Demonstrating the necessary interpersonal skills in representing the society at all establishments where you are appointed e.g. with players and officials from the club, school, university;
  • Dressing in suitable attire as is expected of a referee representing the Society at match venues.

NLDRFURS Grading Policy

This Grading Policy has been drawn up to help both Match Officials & the Grading Committee within the Society, and also give helpful guidelines to Match Officials as to the standard required to progress through the grades, if they so wish.

All active Match Officials wishing promotion are expected to show commitment and flexibility regarding matches and availability.

Adviser and Coaching reports prepared by NLDRFURS and other Societies are the basis for all grading up to and including Level 6. To be graded to a higher level, referees will be appointed to and watched at the higher level to assess their suitability at that level.

All active Match Officials grades are reviewed twice a season. Those re–graded will be informed as soon as possible after the NLDRFURS Grading Committee has met.

Some will be identified as “More Information Required” – they will be informed of this, and, where possible, be appointed to and assessed on a match of a higher level.

Nobody is untouchable within the Society, and grading can can move a referee upwards as well as downwards.

Referees returning after a long break through injury or other reason will automatically be graded down a grade, until after assessment and proof of fitness and ability.

Where appropriate referees may be re-graded at other times.


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