Here are 2 clips from a recent game involving Caldy RFC, who play in National 1.

The background of the clips is that Caldy (playing in white) had already had 10 penalties against them.

Clip 1

Watch this clip of a maul in the first half of the game first. You can view it here.

Clip 2

Then watch this clip of a ruck in the second half. You can view it here.


Consider your comments.


Was it correct to give the Caldy 4 a yellow card?

What might have been a better alternative?

Scroll down for the answer.

























The yellow card to Caldy 4 was harsh. He was never on side BUT was it material? Did he play any part in the tackle Did he affect play?

It might have been better to award a yellow card to Caldy 9 in the first half maul when the penalty count was already high.

Discussions around these incidents felt that the referee had got it into his mind that he needed to award a yellow card, but gave it at the wrong time.





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