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This advice requires you to have Appointer Privileges.

To appoint an Adviser, Coach or Mentor (Match Offcial Developer or MOD) to a game requires the game to have a Referee appointed.


  1. From the Fixtures Menu select the range of dates for which you wish to display gamesSelect Fixture Range
  2. Find the game to which you wish to assign an MOD.
  3. Scroll to the right to check the appointed Referee.
  4. To the left of the Referee's Name you will see a "+" mark.Plus Mark
  5. Click on this "+" mark and you will get a drop down allowing you to select an MOD role.MOD Role
  6. Click on the role to be taken by the MOD
  7. This will take you to a screen where you select the MOD to appoint.Select MOD
  8. When you have selected the MOD save the record using the green Floppy Disk icon.[^1]
  9. Select "Send Notifications" from the Main Menu and opt to send notifications. This will notify Referee & MOD of their appointment.

[^1]: Note that it is acceptable to "appoint anyway" until NLDRFURS switches over fully to WTR.


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