This advice assumes that you have logged in to WTR.

This advice requires you to have Appointer Privileges.

There are different ways to appoint an Official in WTR. This will cover them in order.


Route 1

  1. From the Main Menu select "Fixtures". You may wish to filter the range of fixtures to view and large date ranges take longer to run. You can also filter by un-appointed games. Fixtures
  2. Choose a game to which you wish to appoint. If the game is unappointed you will see something like this.Fixtures
  3. Click of the blue "Referee" to appoint a Referee. Fixtures
  4. A new screen will appear, followed by a list of Referees who are available to referee the fixture.
  5. This list will be in two parts: those who have availability in WTR and those who don't. NLDRFURS assumes people are unavailable unless otherwise explicitly told otherwise1.Select Referee
  6. Select the Referee to assign.
  7. When you have selected the Referee save the record using the green Floppy Disk icon.

Route 2

  1. From the Main Menu select "Appointments".
  2. Click on the icon shown by the red arrow in the image below.New Appt
  3. A large dialogue will appear: from it select the Fixture, Contact Type, Official and Appointer. Ensure the "Notify Home Team" and _"Notify Contact"_are checked and that the fee is entered, then save the record using the green Floppy Disk icon. New Appt

1. Note that it is acceptable to "appoint anyway" until NLDRFURS switches over fully to WTR


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