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Events can be any kind of meeting, Training, CPD ... The event invitation email will ask the recipient to confirm or decline to attend. This is useful to gauge numbers of attendees and will be particularly useful when holding Local Training Events.


  1. From the Main Menu select "Events".
  2. Click on the icon shown by the red arrow in the image below.New Contact
  3. Fill out the form, ensuring you specify the date, time and location (including postcode). Describe the event in the large text box, and click the checkbox at the bottom of the form if expenses can be claimed (e.g. Central Training)Event
  4. When you have selected the Referee save the record using the green Floppy Disk icon.
  5. From the main menu go to "Send Notifications" and send out the invitation to the event. You will need to specify the invitees by role, e.g. Referees, Referee Assessors, Coaches. See WTR - Sending an Email steps 6 onward for further information.


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