This advice assumes that you have logged in to WTR.

This advice requires you to have Appointer Privileges on WTR, and the rights to send an email.

WTR holds the addresses of the following groups:

  • Referees
  • Match Official Developers
  • Club Referee Contacts
  • Club Treasurers

and can be used to send emails to discrete groups.


  1. From the Main Menu select the "Send eMails/Memos" option.
  2. The following dialogue is shown.Email
  3. Enter your subject and message. The Message Editor allows you to use Rich Text, i.e. Bold, Italic, Bullet Points, Numbered lists. Each recipient will receive a personalised message (e.g. "Dear John") so there is no need to enter a salutation.
  4. Once finished entering your message, select the "Send as Email" option (Memos are internal messages only shown on WTR.)
  5. Finally click the "Choose Recipient Group" button.
  6. After a pause, you will be taken to the Group Selection Screen. This is a long screen with many groups, but the key NLDRFURS groups are:
    • Referee
    • Referee Adviser
    • Referee Coach
  7. If you were sending a message to clubs, the key groups would be:
    • Club Referee Contact
    • Club Treasurer
  8. Tick the group(s) you wish to receive your email. Email
  9. Scroll to the very bottom of the screen and click "Choose individuals ...".
  10. A list of users to whom the email will be sent is presented. You can choose to select or deselect all, or deselect individuals (such as yourself).Email
  11. When finished selecting/deslecting, scroll to the very bottom of the screen and click "Send message...". The message will be sent to all selected recipients.


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