This advice assumes that you have logged in to WTR.

This advice requires you to have Administrative Privileges on WTR.

WTR holds the grades of Referees and allows them to be promoted or relegated within the system. It also provides a record of the referees grading history should he/she move to another Society.


  1. From the Main Menu select the "Contact Grades" option.
  2. The following dialogue is shown. Click on the icon to create a new recordEmail
  3. A further dialogue is shown allowing you to select the Referee and his/her new grade, and the date on which the regrading was made. Additionally you can enter notes and send the Referee an email. The Editor allows you to use Rich Text, i.e. Bold, Italic, Bullet Points, Numbered lists.Email
  4. When you have selected the Referee save the record using the green Floppy Disk icon.
  5. You can also use the Contact Grades menu option to view an individual's grading history.


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