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  1. From the Main Menu select "Contact Availability".Availability
  2. Select the month for which you want to add or change your availability. Then click "Find".Availability
  3. If you have not previously submitted availability for this month you will be shown unavailable for every day of the month as we assume you are unavailable unless you inform us otherwise.
  4. Click on the icon indicated by the red arrow. This will allow you to enter or change your availability.Availability
  5. You will be presented with a matrix showing every day of the selected month.Availability
  6. Select the days on which you wish to make yourself available by clicking on the radio button beneath the date.
  7. A dialogue will open allowing you to make yourself available (e.g. All Day, AM, PM ...). Select as apporopriate for each day you are available.Availability
  8. Note that if you wish to make yourself available - for example every Saturday - there are shortcuts to allow you to fill in entire columns or rows, or even the entire month. These are shown as "Change All".
  9. Add any notes you wish to make in the boxes below the Calendar Matrix. As ever, try to avoid rewriting "War & Peace".
  10. Save the record using the green Floppy Disk icon.


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